The emperor’s new clothes

The Dremel is one of my favorite tools.  You can basically accomplish any cutting task with one if you’re patient enough or whatever.  Having recently upgraded to a much more powerful model I had the battery-powered model seen here kicking around.  Needing something capable of milling and etching for the CNC machine and not wanting to waste the expense to both my wallet and the environmental factors involved in shipping a DC motor overseas I decided to sacrifice the old model.

After disassembling, here’s what there is under the hood:


A hobby-grade DC motor with a chuck attached to it and rechargeable batteries.  Interestingly the batteries were advertised to have “Lithium Ion Technology” but they’re actually standard Ni-Cd batteries… the original rechargeables that have been around for about 30 years.  And suck.

The unit retailed for about $60… and the parts seen above can be purchased for about $8 total individually.  The rest is just injection-molded plastic.

So yeah, fisted.

Still love Dremel though…