Blues for a solar panel

Oh noes!

One of the cells has split somewhat.  Apparently the strain of panels against plexiglass, which I have learned tends to expand and contract more than I would have expected due to temperature, has cracked it.  Being made of glass and <0.2mm thick, it’s not difficult to do.

The problem is that this single crack is limiting the output of this cell by ~30% of its output wattage.  That’s causing the entire panel to lose 30%.  Butts.

I’ll be repairing this.

In the meantime, I noticed this at 11pm:

I stuck the above LEDs into the circuit to see what they were doing and to my surprise they were flickering right along.  But why flickering?  I started trying to figure out if there was any way there was an odd capacitance in the circuit that I wasn’t understanding.  But no, nothing.  Even with the MCU entirely powered down it was still happening.  And four LEDs drawing at least 20mA a piece wouldn’t be sustained by any capacitance.

What I did notice, however, was that the flickering matched the dancing of the flame of a tiki torch lit in the backyard that was near the panel.  3v and at least 80mA coming from a single torch in what would otherwise be pitch black.  Surprising…

More interesting to come, tomorrow though.

Things to look for soon:  Stirling engines, Peltier cell phone charger, my take on Mr Fusion.

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