Space and time

Once the calculations began for figuring out where the sun is and importing the time management libraries and such, the microcontroller started to scream uncle.

I had the time, but I was running out of space.  Both in internal flash on the MC and in available pins.  The pins could have been worked around with more shift registers, but those are one-way communication devices.  Input space would become pretty limited.  And there certainly wasn’t going to be enough room for even the most optimized code to do a proper job and fit tightly into 32kb.  And I have a smaller project to do with that board.
Introducing the Atmel ATMega2560.  It’s roughly the same price as the prior ATMega328 that I was using.  But instead of 32kb it boasts 256kb of flash memory.  Instead of a single serial port it boasts 4, and instead of 17 available IO pins it has 69 (lol).
I’m now officially out of excuses for postponing the big sun positioning crap.

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